in other people's places. It makes them kind and sympathetic

It was so dim coming in from the brightly lighted hall that for a

popped into my head was, `I am going to see Daddy-Long-Legs!' I ate being frank!

You prefer that I should not be accepting favours from strangers.

pleased to show you through. I think you might find a great many V. Five hundred sheets of yellow manuscript paper. (I'm going looking-glasses in the room.

hoptoad season opened we used to form a collection of toads and keep

And what do you think I am going to do? You may have three guesses.

never listened to a more illuminating exposition of the subject.

Hamlet amused all the time, and pet him and scold him and make him

French, the Professor would not let me pass--as it was,

even damp. You should have seen Mrs. Semple's face when we dripped

the house should catch. But it didn't catch and we went back

and I'm not anybody's nursemaid or typewriter or bookkeeper (I