He does buy candy with it though! He sent Julia and me each a box

The one at the end accomplishing a graceful pirouette is me--I mean

causes a great deal of inconvenience. The gymnasium is equipped

more interesting, so they'll be worth keeping in a safe with red tape

wagon yesterday. We have three big pigs and nine little piglets, kid gloves with five fingers. I take them out and try them on every I was weighed yesterday on the flour scales in the general store

to object, for I've already accepted it and I am not going to change!

You've never heard about my clothes, have you, Daddy? Six dresses,

as Jerusha, isn't it?) I like her, but not so much as Sallie McBride;

PS. (2) If you are thinking of raising chickens, let me recommend

to Europe this summer--for the moment I was intoxicated by the idea;

I've just been reading this letter over and it sounds pretty

on the top of a hill and looks way off over miles of green meadows

I'm the happiest of all! Because I'm not in the asylum any more;

how restful it is when he gets here.