The Countess was extremely pretty, attractive, and amiable. One day while she was sitting for her portrait, Mme. Le Brun had occasion to send for Mme. Charot, her nursery-governess, who came in looking so pleased that she asked what had happened.

[464] Even the proscribed arms and liveries were beginning here and there to appear, and the leader in this revival was Mme. de Montesson. Oh! for that matter, said the gipsy, it will have no limit.

You think like a scoundrel!

Horrified at the h?tel of Tallien being in the place de lchafaud, she exclaimed

The hot weather she used to spend at some house [137] she took or had lent to her in the country near St. Petersburg.

Her first child, the only one that lived, was born in February, 1780.

A cry of horror escaped the two friends and Mlle. Robert began to threaten the gipsy.